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Undutchables wants to remain the online market leader with the help of Mysolution and OnRecruit

By investing purposefully in marketing, Undutchables wants to remain the online market leader in the recruitment of multilingual talent. This international recruitment company with headquarters in Amstelveen expects a lot from the cooperation with Mysolution and OnRecruit . The software of OnRecruit, which has recently become part of Mysolution, provides insight into which marketing efforts yields the most successful applications and placements. This software is now further and better integrated with the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) of Mysolution.

Who are Undutchables?

Based on the number of visits, views and conversions on its website, Undutchables is the online market leader in the recruitment segment for Dutch employers looking for multiple talents on the international labour market.

“Thanks to OnRecruit, my marketing team knows more and more about the online candidate journey. We are now going to start applying OnRecruit in the offline recruitment process and the database within the ATS of Mysolution”, says Kirsten Jansen – van den Broek, Marketing Communication Manager.

(Left to right) René Bolier (CEO OnRecruit), Dirk Meeuws (COO OnRecruit), Nick van der Dussen (General Manager Undutchables) and Kirsten Jansen – van den Broek (Communication/Marketing Manager Undutchables)

OnRecruit and Mysolution have been working together with Undutchables since 2016 to digitally facilitate and integrate the online marketing, front and back office of this pioneer in the recruitment of multilingual talent.

“The people from OnRecruit and Mysolution are such a good fit for us that we consider them Undutchables”

Nick van der Dussen, General Manager of Undutchables, also praises the collaboration with the ICT specialists from Houten: “They think along well with us, and are very attentive. Both companies have a similar culture of approachability and short lines. They match each other so well that we are not surprised that they now blend”.

The successful collaboration between Undutchables, Mysolution and OnRecruit is now being further expanded by making all kinds of links between Mysolution’s recruitment software and OnRecruit’s toolings.

Candidate monitoring

Further integration between the ATS of Mysolution and the software of OnRecruit is being worked on by Bastiaan Florijn, Customer Success Manager at OnRecruit. 

“At Undutchables, we have already extended the online candidate journey to the ATS, which was implemented there in 2019.

Someone who visits the Undutchables website via, for example, Google, a job board or a social medium, receives a tracking code there. Once the candidate applies and releases their details, their anonymous ID number is linked to their candidate ID in the ATS.

The next step involves monitoring candidates in the ATS database. For example, it is important for recruiters to know when and how often previously rejected candidates visit their website again and which vacancies they view there,” says Florijn.

Reach a broad yet high-quality audience

According to a rule of thumb, the optimal marketing budget of a recruitment agency is about 5% of the turnover. Jansen: “You can only spend this money once. For that reason alone, it is important to know which online efforts are profitable and which are not. OnRecruit tells us that job aggregators generate more successful applications and placements than job boards. And that investments in LinkedIn have too little added value for our specific target group.”

According to Jansen and Van der Dussen, the online network of Undutchables is both large and dense. Jansen: “We advertise our vacancies as widely as possible in order to create the best possible reach. At the same time, we want high-quality applications.”

Van der Dussen adds that his recruiters give all candidates the attention they deserve. “We often receive quite interesting candidates which our recruiters’ can exchange with each other. So that a less suitable candidate for another vacancy can simply lead to a perfect match for another”.

Undutchables has an interesting but complex target group in terms of accessibility and findability of candidates. “We primarily select based on language. Fluent English is the first requirement and in addition a good command of one or more other languages ​​that the client considers important.

You should not look for French-speaking multilinguals in France, but in England, for example, where they perfect their English. Because of Brexit, they want to return to the mainland of Europe, and then preferably to a country not too far from their mother country, such as the Netherlands”, Jansen gives an example of a challenge for her marketing team.

Customized visualizations

With OnRecruit, Undutchables can compose custom dashboards. “That depends on the KPIs with which a recruitment agency wants to monitor and adjust its marketing strategy,” says Florijn. “For example, the reach and effectiveness of channels can be compared on numbers of visitors, views, applicants and placements. But also on vacancy characteristics, such as job titles”.

“Using the integration between Mysolution and OnRecruit, our recruiters can better assess which channels best suit their target audience and which applications are most successful.”

At Undutchables, OnRecruit faces the challenge of translating the dashboards into the recruiters’ work process. That is in any case the wish of Marketing Manager Jansen: “OnRecruit visualizes the online journey of our candidates. After an application, this journey continues offline in our recruitment process. We now want to link the data from the online phase of the candidate journey to the offline phase and the database within Mysolution’s ATS. With the help of this integration, our recruiters can better assess which channels best suit their target group and which applications yield the most results.”

Van der Dussen points to the graphical integration of BI with Salesforce, the platform on which the recruitment system of Mysolution is based:

“This offers opportunities for our recruiters and other colleagues to visualize all desired data and KPIs within one application”

Dynamics and speed

The recruitment software from Mysolution and OnRecruit will help Undutchables to remain the market leader.

Jansen and Van der Dussen are convinced of this. In view of the increased efficiency and speed of online marketing, this help is more than desirable, according to them.

For more information about Undutchables, you can view their website here: www.undutchables.nl

If you are looking for the ideal solution for your recruitment business then be sure to Schedule a demo with us.

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Customer Success Story

Undutchables wants to remain the online market leader with the help of Mysolution and OnRecruit By investing purposefully in marketing, Undutchables wants to remain the