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Dirk Meeuws


Dirk Meeuws

Hi there! I’m Dirk and my passion lies in combining the world of business, data and people: how to drive strategic decisions backed by data, to reach your recruitment goals. In my role as COO & CTO, I’m responsible for Product, Solutions, Customer Success and our internal processes.

I have quite a diverse background. I was born in Maputo (Mozambique), lived in Kassala (Sudan) and Blue Fields (Nicaragua) prior to being raised in Geldrop (near Eindhoven). I was raised bilingual, both Portuguese and Dutch, as my mother is from Mozambique and my father is Dutch.

Since I was young, my interest lied in really understanding the world around me. “Why?” has always been my favorite question. That is why I chose to venture in Aerospace Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. Where both my interest in data & technology grew as well as my desire to be in a role where business, technology & people meet.

Due to my background, I can speak both the business as well as technology language and love to be involved in both aspects.

During my studies, I stumbled upon a job ad for making Excel reports posted by René, currently CEO of OnRecruit. Which I accepted as a side job. After my study in Aerospace Engineering, OnRecruit was happy to let me join their ranks. And the rest is history 😊.

What I have noticed during my five years in recruitment is that more and more companies are using data to help them achieve their recruitment goals. This movement is gaining more and more momentum every month. And it is great to be on this journey with the team at OnRecruit, all data-minded professionals that want to make an impact and work together.

So, if you want to make your recruitment data work, make sure to reach out!

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