How do you internally divide recruitment marketing responsibilities?

Following the success of René’s recent masterclass, we decided to share some of the key questions that were asked at the end of the class. In our webinar about the top 10 ingredients for successful recruitment marketing in 2021, one of the attendees asked the following question: ’When there is no recruitment marketer available, what […]

Webinar Replay – Make your recruitment data work!

On February 18th, 2021 our CTO & COO, Dirk Meeuws and our friends at the Intelligence Group hosted a webinar “Make your recruitment data work!” The need for data and relevant insights is increasing and in this webinar, Dirk explains how you can take the first steps to make decisions based on smart insights. If […]

MASTERCLASS: Top 10 ingredients for successful recruitment marketing in 2021!

On February 16th, 2021 our CEO & Co-Founder, René Bolier hosted a Masterclass where he walked through how to build a state-of-the-art recruitment marketing strategy yourself. If you weren’t able to join in on the day, we now have the recording ready for you below: DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION DECK About René: René has been an […]

FAQ #8 – What is display advertising?

What is display advertising and what are the key ingredients for a successful campaign? That is the question we asked our very good friend and Managing Partner at Prettysocial Media, Richard Sweep. In short, display advertising realizes retention, increases brand awareness, recognition, trust and has a positive effect on your other online marketing effort. Display […]

Bolier Talks Tech – What does the future of recruitment assessments look like?

Throughout the series of Bolier Talks Tech podcast, our CEO and Co-Founder, René Bolier and guests share insights, tips and tricks on various topics regarding recruitment and tech. In this next podcast, René and his guest, founder & Director of Digitaal-Werven, Bas van de Haterd discuss the future of recruitment assessments. You can watch the […]

The importance of getting a 360° view of the candidate journey

Have you ever applied for a job? Then chances are you will be familiar with the ‘Candidate Journey’, even if you have never heard of it before. What is the candidate journey? The candidate journey is simply the process candidates go through in which they get a job. This process starts from the point of no […]

Make your recruitment data work!

The need for data and relevant insights is increasing, partly due to corona and working from home… But what does this mean and how do YOU also make decisions based on smart insights? In this webinar, hosted by the Intelligence Group, our CTO & COO Dirk Meeuws explains how to take these first steps. What […]

Meet our new Customer Success Manager Bastiaan!

In December we had a new recruit, Bastiaan Florijn start with us and here we get to know him better with some random questions thrown into the mix… Nickname: The short version of my name, Bas It’s possibly too early to say but what’s your favorite moment since starting at OnRecruit? The welcome I had […]

FAQ #6 – Three important developments in assessment technology

Our next installment of Frequently Asked Questions is written by Bas van de Haterd, Founder and MD of Digitaal-Werven. We asked Bas what he thinks are the most important developments in assessment technology. Read on for his response… The most important development in assessment technology is the main reason I got so fascinated by it […]