FAQ #8 – What is display advertising?

What is display advertising and what are the key ingredients for a successful campaign? That is the question we asked our very good friend and Managing Partner at Prettysocial Media, Richard Sweep. In short, display advertising realizes retention, increases brand awareness, recognition, trust and has a positive effect on your other online marketing effort. Display […]

FAQ #6 – Three important developments in assessment technology

Our next installment of Frequently Asked Questions is written by Bas van de Haterd, Founder and MD of Digitaal-Werven. We asked Bas what he thinks are the most important developments in assessment technology. Read on for his response… The most important development in assessment technology is the main reason I got so fascinated by it […]

FAQ #1 – Google For jobs – the impact so far

We are asked a myriad of questions about the happenings and hot topics within the recruitment world, so we decided to start sharing these with you and have them answered by some super knowledgeable people in the industry… The first question is; What is the impact of Google for Jobs so far? To answer, we […]

F.A.Q #1 – What is the impact of Google For Jobs?

What is the impact of Google for Jobs so far? To answer our first question, we have Jelmer Koppelmans, (pictured below on the right) one of the two Jelmers who founded Roadtrip. Roadtrip is a business that helps companies improve their online recruitment process by going from Insights to Improvements. Jelmer chose the view of ‘Evergreen jobs’, which […]