How recognising the value in your database gives you a competitive advantage

Has it ever occurred to you that you may be sitting on a goldmine? A lot of recruitment companies and talent acquisition teams fail to recognize the potential value in their database. They spend most of their effort looking for candidates that have never heard of them yet. While this is important, it may not […]

The importance of getting a 360° view of the candidate journey

Have you ever applied for a job? Then chances are you will be familiar with the ‘Candidate Journey’, even if you have never heard of it before. What is the candidate journey? The candidate journey is simply the process candidates go through in which they get a job. This process starts from the point of no […]

Covid-19 Insights Week 49 – last update for 2020

Here we share the latest metrics with regards to online candidate behaviour within the Dutch labour market… At the end of week 49, we didn’t see much change yet again in the metrics and now with the holiday season near, we expect things to slow down for the remaining weeks of the month. If we […]

FAQ #1 – Google For jobs – the impact so far

We are asked a myriad of questions about the happenings and hot topics within the recruitment world, so we decided to start sharing these with you and have them answered by some super knowledgeable people in the industry… The first question is; What is the impact of Google for Jobs so far? To answer, we […]

F.A.Q #1 – What is the impact of Google For Jobs?

What is the impact of Google for Jobs so far? To answer our first question, we have Jelmer Koppelmans, (pictured below on the right) one of the two Jelmers who founded Roadtrip. Roadtrip is a business that helps companies improve their online recruitment process by going from Insights to Improvements. Jelmer chose the view of ‘Evergreen jobs’, which […]