Bolier Talks Tech – What does the future of recruitment assessments look like?

Throughout the series of Bolier Talks Tech podcast, our CEO and Co-Founder, RenĂ© Bolier and guests share insights, tips and tricks on various topics regarding recruitment and tech. In this next podcast, RenĂ© and his guest, founder & Director of Digitaal-Werven, Bas van de Haterd discuss the future of recruitment assessments. You can watch the […]

FAQ #6 – Three important developments in assessment technology

Our next installment of Frequently Asked Questions is written by Bas van de Haterd, Founder and MD of Digitaal-Werven. We asked Bas what he thinks are the most important developments in assessment technology. Read on for his response… The most important development in assessment technology is the main reason I got so fascinated by it […]