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We can help you pull all of your marketing, website, ATS and back-office data together into a data lake and build beautiful dashboards with actionable insights.

Business Dashboard

Your business dashboard should show you your current pipeline, forecasted placements and revenue and all major KPI's such as increase/decrease in time to placement, fill rate, open jobs, candidates in your database, active workers/hours being worked etc.
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Marketing Dashboard

Your recruitment marketing dashboard helps you understand how many placements and how much revenue you have generated through which investments and channels and helps you understand how you should allocate your marketing budget for each of your target audiences to achieve your recruitment and business goals.
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Sales Dashboard

A great sales dashboard tells you both strategically which parts of the market you should focus on and operationally what needs to be done in terms of sales actions/input to achieve your revenue goals.
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Recruitment Dashboard

By understanding how long each step in the recruitment process takes and how many candidates drop off in each of these steps, you can start improving your process for both your candidate customer and improve your productivity.
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