Winning the Recruitment Tech Award 2017

The OnRecruit team is proud to announce that we won the Recruitment Tech Award 2017 under the category Best Tooling!

We would like to say a very big THANK YOU to the team for all the hard work, and our customers, prospects and friends for voting for us in the Recruitment Tech Awards 2017.

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We won under the category “Best Tooling” for our online solution in the field of analytics, marketing and nurturing. As soon as a candidate applies to a job, our technology is able to link the candidate with the recruitment process in the company’s ATS & CRM. And based on this insights, our platform allows you to purchase traffic for the jobs you need so that you increase your online fill rate and reduce your time to hire.

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Recruitment Tech Awards 2017


We are proud to announce that OnRecruit has recently been nominated for the Recruitment Tech Awards 2017 under the category ‘Best Tooling’.

Our platform helps you fill more vacancies online by combining all the touchpoints of all visitors to your website in your ATS and implementing marketing automation. You can read more information regarding our platform here.

We are one of the three nominees for “Best Tooling”, and this is where your voice counts! We are grateful for the support from our clients, partners and prospects, and YOU. Show your support by clicking the button below! 🙂