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Maurice Coulier

International Sales Consultant


My name is Maurice and my role is to make sure we grow in revenue and happy customers. With saying this I believe that long-term relationships matter, so we want to be as open and transparent from the start of the collaboration. This is being appreciated by the customers and partners we have and is very much part of the DNA of OnRecruit.

I was born in Utrecht and also studied there while living with four friends in a house. After finishing my study I traveled around Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, and I still like to travel and explore. Not only on long trips but also on the short breakouts of one night away. I live with my family near the office, so on non-rainy days, you’ll find me on my e-bike. Since last year I also love to ride on my gravel bike and really enjoy the nature nearby.

Besides this, I like to go running, go out with friends, and visit my family in Sweden. I like reading about history and love old industrial buildings and surroundings.

Looking forward to meeting you in person!