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Barbara van Ravesteijn Ors

Solutions Consultant


Hi there! I’m Barbara, the Spanish in the team who after dedicating 13 years of my life to being a professional rhythmic gymnast in Spain decided to change everything and got into Business in The Netherlands. Probably one of the scariest changes I had in my life!

I grew up in the beautiful and sunny south of Spain together with my mum, my dad and my younger sister in a city called Chiclana de la Frontera, which by the way, has one of the best beaches in Spain (Playa de la Barrosa – highly recommended!). My mother was a ballerina and as such, I followed her steps since I was very young. I started doing rhythmic gymnastics. You know, this sport they show at the Olympics with the ribbons and the hoops, that’s the one! I instantly fell in love with it and soon started participating in major national competitions.

At the age of 12 years old, I had the honour of joining the Spanish National Team and represent Spain in multiple European Championships and international competitions. This meant that I would train 7 hours, 6 days a week and that I had to leave my family and my lovely city by the beach and move to Madrid where most of the Spanish National Team athletes trained. This was my very first chance at independence! It was an amazing experience which I will never forget.

Once my career as a professional gymnast came to an end, I decided to change things up in my life. Up to this point, sports was everything I knew and everything I had ever thought of, but it is then when I decided to venture into a new world. So, I moved to The Netherlands to study International Business at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. Quite a drastic change if you ask me. New country, a new language, a new life.

I started working at OnRecruit in May of 2017. First as an intern, then as a Customer Success Manager and now as a Solutions Consultant. Working at OnRecruit has never been boring. We have gone through many transformations ranging from team composition to offering and even mission statement. However, what has never changed is the amazing culture and values of this company. As a Solutions Consultant, I help our customers, prospects, and team design long-term strategies to help them achieve their recruitment goals through the use of data and guide them through the process.

When I am not at the office I am most probably in the gym, coaching a team of young and talented girls in rhythmic gymnastics, or traveling to national or international competitions. If I manage to get my hands on some free time I love to chill out, cook and binge Netflix with my roommate and colleague Maya.

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