Due to the outbreak here in The Netherlands and abroad, an increasing number of businesses are needing to make changes to their way of working both within their own company and with their customers.

Here we share some tips on how to adapt today to both ensure maximum damage control today and that you are on track to bounce back with maximum success in the future.

We based these tips on the data and online behaviour we are measuring with our customers. We understand some of the below might not be applicable for all of you, but we hope there’s at least something you can take away from it:

1.  Adapt your marketing budget, channels and messaging based on candidate data and business needs

Use factual data to analyse any changes in behaviour and needs within your target audience and (internal) customers. If you are noticing a change then get creative and think about how you can capitalize on that change. For example:

  • Reallocate budgets to different parts of the candidate journey and digital channels; we see for example that returning visitors to career sites are increasing and they are now returning sooner than usual (reduced from an average of 11 days to one week), so it might be time to increase your nurturing (through retargeting via social and display) of your existing audience. We also see that people are spending more time on social channels; capitalize on it!
  • Reallocate budgets to different target audiences: Are there certain vacancies or sectors that are receiving more interest than usual? Perhaps you should shift your focus to these.
  • Be in a constant state of getting data, interpreting it and acting on it. Up your ‘intimacy’ with your candidates and (internal) customers to be able to have a faster loop as things change by the day.

2. Build a deeper relationship with your existing database

Since the number of new online visitors is decreasing, it is very important that you are taking extra care to nurture your current database. Next to this; everybody needs information, guidance and reassurance these days, so this is the time to step up and ‘be together’ with your target audience and lead them.

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to start e-mail marketing campaigns, retargeting campaigns for those within your database, offer training for candidates or webinars to give advice to those who may have lost their job or are looking at new opportunities.

These actions will help you to build trust with your target audience and ensure that you are always front of mind when they need to look for employment. Whether it’s today or tomorrow; those who build better relationships will capitalize.

3. Use this time to push digitization of your process

Although many of us are already using certain applications to make video conference calls, online interviews, digital onboarding and the like, this is not the case for everyone. Take this time to research and implement a new digital recruitment process using software that allows you to continue your recruiting and onboarding efforts. Most businesses will offer a 30-day free trial so if it ends up not being for you, then you have a choice to opt-out and try something else that might be more suitable. Now is a great time to increase the adoption of those technologies. Ensure that your staff are comfortable using the new technology and offer online training as they need it. You can also use this time to brainstorm with your team members on how to improve and digitize/automate parts of your process and to scan the market for the best solution(s) for you.

4. Work on your employer brand

If you look back at the previous (financial) crisis and look at who came out as a winner, it’s mostly businesses that kept pushing their brand. As we know, employer branding takes quite some time to increase (quality) conversions so if you are not already working on this, this is a great time. Our data shows that rather than a couple of large traffic peaks online throughout a day, the traffic is now spread out more evenly, so this means you have a larger window to get your brand in front of people.

5. Talent pool focus

If you have no choice but to put a freeze on hiring but you are able to focus on branding, nurturing your audience and nurturing your database, then these actions should lead to healthy talent pools. When your hiring freeze ends then you have already done the hard work and can get to hiring much faster than if you had stopped all recruitment marketing efforts.

6. Have a plan for after the crisis

No matter if you can do any of the above or not, it is important to have a plan for how you will bounce back when this is all over. Draft a project plan that you can change based on reality, but at least start now so you don’t have any delays once things get better.


The next few months will be some of the most challenging for many of us, yet, by thinking a little differently, creating a new normal and fine-tuning your current strategy, you will have a very good chance of bouncing back much faster than those who are not so prepared.

We know that there are still so many unknowns for many of you and we want to wish you all the best.

We are here if you have any questions about your recruitment (marketing) strategy and plans moving forward.


Co-written by: Alicia Jarred and René Bolier



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