Market insight: Cost per Application (CPA) Reduces

Recently, we looked into the Cost per Application numbers across our clients on leading aggregator platform Indeed and noticed something quite interesting…

For reference, we filtered with the dates 1-17th March  2020 then compared this to 18th-31st March 2020 and found that while for some the amount reduced by between €5-€10 others are seeing a huge decrease by between €40-€70 per application.

These numbers come from clients who decided to leave most of their vacancies open and had the same number of open jobs in each time frame.


Why are we seeing this?

For most businesses, they are seeing 20-30% less traffic and many companies are cutting their budgets by +/-50%. This means that there is less competition for each visitor, which will lower the CPC price, which then results in a lower CPA.

Our advice is (for those that are in a position to do so), to invest anti-cyclically as we predict the April numbers will be even better as fewer people are advertising.

This is not only limited to job search, but this is happening with online advertising in general; so we’ve heard. There are a lot of e-commerce marketeers that are achieving much higher ROIs as there is less competition because of advertising budgets are being frozen.

So, for those that have the resources, and you are thinking about transforming or perhaps experimenting with your recruitment approach to move towards a programmatic one, the time is now!


Co-written by Dirk Meeuws and Alicia Jarred



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