In this article, we take a look back at the past two months during the COVID-19 crisis and share our insights based on our own data with regards to candidate behaviour…

Some key takeaways are:

  1. Conversion rate continues to increase week on week and is now double the average rate since pre corona (5.36%)
  2. Sessions have dropped by 36% since week 11, however, in the past 3 weeks, they have been relatively stable.
  3. There is a noticeable spike from returning visitors in each week of Prime Minister Rutte’s announcements where they extended the ‘’intelligent lockdown’’
  4. Conversions are at the highest amount year to date which is a 20% increase since pre corona.
  5. Time spent on site is at an all-time high (115.38 seconds) which is 28% more than the average for 2020 (pre-week 11)

Below we share some visuals and most of these results are from week 11 onwards which is since the official announcement of the coronavirus crisis in the Netherlands.

1. Here you see conversions (applications) vs sessions for 2020 so far:

For reference, week 14 is when Prime Minister Rutte announced the first extension of our ”intelligent lockdown”. Since then you can clearly see the sessions reduce (dropped 23% from week 14 to 15) and this is where the conversion rate began its rise.

Week 17 is where the most recent ”intelligent lockdown” extension was announced, and we see the trend continue with lowered sessions and increased conversion rate which is now 57.5% higher than pre corona (week 11).



Conversion rate growth chart:


2. Sessions starting to even out again in the past three weeks:


3. Returning visitors spiked in the week of the Dutch Prime Ministers announcements (weeks 14 & 17). Prior to week 11, the average returning visitor rate was 33%:


4. Conversions have hit their peak for 2020 so far. This is 11% higher than week 5 which was previously showing the highest amount for the year with 8,365 conversions:


5. Time spent on site continues to increase, is at an all-time high for the year and is 28% higher than the average of 90.13 (pre-week 11):


To conclude, our advice is:

  • Continue to nurture your current database if you have the means. If you do not already have email marketing set-up you could look at a platform such as Autopilot which is very user friendly and a very reasonable price. Reach out to us if you would like further information.
  • If you have the means, ensure that you are running retargeting campaigns to grab the attention of people who have already seen your brand and visited your site. You could prompt them to also sign up to your newsletter or job alerts while you’re at it. We have also seen customers (not agencies) who have a hold on some jobs start to focus more on talent pooling in conjunction with a prospecting campaign, so they are prepared for a faster bounce back when the time comes.
  • Display, re-targeting and social campaigns can help you get ahead of the rest if it is feasible for your business to invest. Now is the time for this (and especially the days after the national announcement).
  • As we mentioned in a previous blog, take measures that allow you to fully understand the online behaviour of your target audiences (both new prospects and from within your database). This will help you know not only when to schedule your campaigns but also if you have the right tools, which channels you should be using. We have recently created a KPI tracker template which may be of help to you which you can download HERE.


Written by Alicia Jarred, 28th April 2020



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