Looking back at the past two weeks, our data shows returning visitors metric peak which tells us that the new wave of candidates we mentioned in our previous newsletter are now converting.


Below we share the latest numbers for you with the graphs to visualise each key metric:


After the decline during weeks 15-19, sessions have been higher and quite consistent for the weeks that followed up until now and are currently 17% higher than the lowest point of the year (besides week one) which was in week 17.

Sessions vs Conversion rate



After hitting an all-time high of 11.4% in week 18, we can see that the conversion rate has stabilised over the past 4-5 weeks, yet it is still 56.27% higher than in week 10 (pre-corona).



When looking at this metric from the start of the crisis in week 11, there was always a peak followed by a gradual decline over the next 2-3 weeks before peaking yet again. More recently (weeks 22-24) we can see that the break between the peak and decline are now only within a week of each other so this is telling us that the new wave of candidates are now returning and converting.

The current rate of 32.6% for week 24 is the highest this metric has been since week 8 where it was sitting at 34.8% and that is the highest of the year.

returning visitors week 24



This metric is 21% higher than in week 10 (pre-corona) and 43% higher than the lowest point which was in week 4.

We say this every time, but now is the time to really capture your audience so time to get creative and think of ways to make sure you get the candidates attention. Are your Job descriptions up to scratch? Do you have a newsletter that your site visitors can subscribe to while they are there? Perhaps you have a whitepaper, webinar or some other educational products that you can share with the candidates to ensure that they engage with and remember your brand.



The bounce rate is now very stable at 40% and has been for the past 4 weeks.


  • Conversion rate slightly increased; the current rate is 9%
  • Sessions slightly down; decreased by 5%
  • Time spent on site all-time high since week 4; 117.6 seconds
  • Returning visitors increased by 4% and faster than usual; currently at 32.6%
  • Bounce rate slightly increased but now steady; currently at 40%

With Summer just around the corner and borders re-opening across Europe, many people are planning their vacations which means that a lot of businesses are expecting more downtime. This is a good opportunity for those who aren’t going on vacation to deep dive into improving your current recruitment and business processes to ensure you are ready to go once Summer ends which leads me into the following announcement…

We have some good news for those who do not yet have a budget to purchase software such as ours:

  • If you want to know how you can make a head start with combining and analyzing your own data sets to better understand what you should do to achieve your goals then we have a new offering which you can read about right here: DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT
  • Any questions regarding the new offering can be directed straight to Maurice either by phone: +31 (0) 6 29235074 or email: maurice@onrecruit.net


Written by Alicia Jarred, 16th June 2020



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