On Tuesday last week, the Dutch Prime Minister announced an extension of the coronavirus ‘’intelligent lockdown’’ until April 28th, 2020. The following days, we saw something interesting within our data…


Sessions increased:

When thinking about your recruitment marketing efforts such as social posts, display advertising and the like, it’s very important to understand how your target audience behaves online day-to-day. This will ensure that you get the most out of your campaigns and see a return on investment.

On Wednesday (the day after the announcement) we saw an 8% increase in sessions compared to the prior week, however, what stood out to us is the 18% increase in sessions for both Thursday and Friday. Historically, these days usually have much less traffic.

We also noticed a jump in returning visitors the day after the announcement with Wednesday last week showing the highest number for this metric.

The remaining days of the week were much the same as the previous week.

Perhaps you could schedule some display, social or retargeting campaigns after the next national coronavirus update as an experiment… if you would like to get some ideas on what to do here, reach out to us for a complimentary brainstorm session.

Conversion rate increasing:

The quality of visitors is still increasing week on week.

Week 14 has the highest conversion rate compared to any others this year and has increased by 17.25% since week 10 of this year (pre corona).

When looking into the number of weekly conversions (applications) for the year to date, week 14 has the highest number since week 8 and is the fourth-best performing week for conversions out of the year so far.

Below you see a graph with sessions and the conversion rate:

  • Although week 14 resulted in the bottom 5 weeks with regards to the number of sessions, it was in the top 5 in terms of conversions (applications)
  • The best week for conversions (applications) was week 5 (176k sessions →8.4k conversions) compared to week 14 (129k sessions →8.1k conversions)
  • Week 14 was also the best week of the year so far with regards to the conversion rate (6.73%)

Bounce rate decreased:

Although the bounce rate has generally been declining month on month (with the one exception of week 12), it’s interesting to see that even with the crisis, it is continuing to do so which means that the candidates who are visiting your site are not only browsing, they are there to find the right job for them.

Since January we have seen the bounce rate drop a massive 42% to date.

Returning Visitors:

After the first Dutch announcement of anti-corona measures, the number of returning visitors jumped on average by 1%. After the second announcement, we saw a 6.4% increase with this metric.

These are the people that you should be working on with retargeting campaigns (if feasible). As we mentioned in last week’s blog, now is the time to set yourself up for a faster bounce back and if you don’t have open vacancies it is a time for working on your employer brand and talent pools.

Some advice:

  • If you have the means, take measures that allow you to fully understand the online behaviour of your target audience (both new prospects and from within your database). This will help you know not only when to schedule your campaigns but also which channels you should be using.
  • Display, retargeting and social campaigns can help you get ahead of the rest if it is feasible for your business to invest. Now is the time for this.
  • Don’t forget about your own database, understand how they are behaving and set up targeted email campaigns to keep the communication lines open. Even if you can’t recruit them right now, you want them to know you are there and how you are coping or working in the current situation.
  • Sessions are starting to increase, and more people are applying for vacancies. Use this time to target the right people. If you do not have vacancies to fill right now, use this time for building quality talent pools and work on your employer branding.


Written by Alicia Jarred

Thursday, 2nd March 2020



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