Following our webinar “How three recruitment teams make their data work for them” we asked our guests to share the tools they use to help them become more successful in their recruiting…

First up, Steven Vastenhoud from Building Heroes uses the following:

ATS – Carerix
BI Dashboards – OnRecruit
Texkernel – A.I for Talent Acquisition
Jobdigger – Labour market data
Email marketing automation – Autopilot
Joboti -Recruitment Chatbot
Recruit Robin – A.I Sourcing software
Qlikview – BI Platform

Our next guest Roy Treffers, Marketing Manager at VNOM shares what tools they use:

ATS – Carerix
PowerBI – OnRecruit
E-mail Marketing – Clang
DMP – Datatrics
Website – Talmark
MSF – Finance Software

Our final guest was Egon Schilders, Resource Manager at Velde and the tools he uses the most are:

Bullhorn – ATS
OnRecruit – Data/PowerBI
Spotler/Orange Peak Company – email marketing tool and it-provider
Herefish – automation

If you missed the webinar and want to view it CLICK HERE to be directed to the recording (note it is in the Dutch language). If you have questions about the above, please reach out to Maurice via email:

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