Recruitment Marketing

For our customers who use our Modules, we offer the following services:

BI Consulting

We can help you build customised reports in the BI tool you are using from every perspective thinkable such as; Marketing, Recruitment, Operations, Business and Finance.

Job Search Engine advertising

We can automate and manage your spend in job search engines, making sure that the maximum amount of jobs gets the right amount of candidates.

Display advertising

Re-target candidates who have already visited your website or are in your ATS already.

We also target candidates that are similar to people who have been on your website or are in your database.

Social Media advertising

Run campaigns in Social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube in order to target new candidates.

Re-target qualified candidates who are already in your ATS with ads in these social networks as well.

Job Boards advertising

Distribute your jobs across free channels such as; free job boards and organic listings on job search engines.

There is also the ability to buy and post your paid listings on generic and niche job boards where relevant.

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    Services are offered for customers who make use of OnRecruit’s CORE module. Click on the images below  for more information.