Recruitment (Marketing) Analytics


With this module we help you understand:

main dashboard analytics



Attribution shows which percentage of your applications, qualified candidates and hires comes from each channel (both organic and paid).


The most important page in terms of finances.
On this page you get a full overview of how much it costs to promote your jobs in the paid media channels and what the Cost per Application is. Therefore, you will be able to understand how much you are paying in each channel & what you receive in return for your investment.


Our funnel shows how many visitors and applicants you have in each stage of your recruitment from the first touchpoint on your career site up until placement. In addition, this page also shows on average how long a candidate stays in each stage of the hiring process (useful to identify bottlenecks).​


The Recruitment (Marketing) Analytics module is one of the three Modules OnRecruit has to offer. See below our other modules we offer to help you build a successful candidate journey.

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