Utrecht, December 6, 2018

DiRect, or Digital Recruitment 2018 is OnRecruit’s first annual invitation-only conference. Get ready to be amazed
by thought provoking discussions by industry leaders, insights to the future of recruitment, 
and out-of-the-box entertainment! 

Learn from Experts

This conference brings together thought leaders in HR and recruitment that takes you into the most relevant and challenging topics today.

Discussions & Entertainment

Do more than just exchange new ideas with professionals in the industry. Have you ever listened to a recruitment rap? Get entertained with a gymnastic performance and OnRecruit's very own rap performance.

Expand Your Network

Meet and connect with thought leaders, marketers and recruitment professionals. Establish new business relationships​ helping you to be more successful in the recruitment industry.


Loraine helps brands and companies work out data driven, smart, fast and mind blowing digital solutions to become the best in their branch. 

But above all she loves creating the bridge between hardcore IT and Marketing, always keeping in mind the latest and greatest developments. 

Loraine Nijhuis

Digital & Technology Expert

“How could you improve the candidate journey by utilizing the changing online landscape?”

An industry professional with over 15 years experience as an agency recruiter, Recruitment manager, Internal Head of Talent, recruitment trainer and strategic advisor for rapid growth businesses in the London Tech Startup scene. Hung has been at the forefront in developing and promoting new ways in which companies can connect to talent.

Hung Lee

Founder of

“How will technology empower the next generation of recruiters?”

Anna Ott has worked in startups, ran an executive search company serving mostly digital businesses and joined the corporate incubator of Deutsche Telekom as an HR Expert. For a couple of years now, Anna focuses on HR Tech solutions, helping entrepreneurs in this field to build their products and companies, sharing insights with investors and supporting HR practitioners in learning more about the landscape of HR Tech and making buying decisions.

Anna Ott

Advisor to HR Tech Startups

“The future of work”

Heleen Stoevelaar is owner of The Referral Company and Best Selector. She works in Recruitment since 2000 in different management roles; making company’s perform better to attract new employees from scratch till a long term recruitment strategy. With The Referral Company she claims to roll out a perfect referral program in 6 months with an outstanding ROI.

Heleen Stoevelaar

Owner of Best Selector and The Referral Company

“The Power of Referrals in Recruitment”

Since 2015, Dirk is building OnRecruit's Product, Customer Success and their respective teams. He loves to be in the place where business, technology and data collide. Dirk gets his energy from being around people, making the complex utterly simple and doing sports.

Dirk Meeuws

CTO and Chief Success Officer of OnRecruit

“The future of technology in recruitment and OnRecruit’s vision to make it a reality”



René Bolier

Co-Founder & CEO of OnRecruit

René Bolier is co-founder and CEO of OnRecruit. René gets his energy from helping people and teams build and go to market with products that improve business and life globally. He also loves to speak and blog about online recruitment, technology, advertising and (social) media.  


De Fabrique

Westkanaaldijk 7

3542 DA, Utrecht



13:00 – Guest Arrivals
13:50 – Welcome by René Bolier
13:55 – Rap Performance
14:00 – Hung Lee – “How will technology empower the next generation of recruiters?”

14:30 – Loraine Nijhuis – “How could you improve the candidate journey by utilizing the changing online  landscape? 
15:00 – Heleen Stoevelaar – “The power of referrals in recruitment” 
15:30 – Break
16:00 – Anna Ott – “The future of work – The power of AI in recruitment”
16:30 – Rhythmic Gymnastic Dance
17:00 – Dirk Meeuws “The future of technology in recruitment and OnRecruit’s vision to make it a reality”
17:30 – Panel Discussion “The future of Digital Recruitment”
18:00 – Drinks 
19:00 – End