In order to help you become successful, OnRecruit does not only help you unify your data but also has three Modules and six Services that will help you measure and build successful candidate journeys.

To be able to take this approach, candidate data from different sources needs to be combined.
It can be difficult to combine this data from different systems and channels, and as a result, you are not able to take this approach and succeed.

OnRecruit unifies your recruitment data into a data lake to help you unlock the true value of your data and therefore, becoming better at building and measuring successful candidate journeys.


Track, unify and understand the entire online candidate journey (by integrating with your website, ATS, marketing automation system) and thus creating a 360-degree candidate profile.​

Recruitment (Marketing) Analytics

Understand which channels drive quality candidates and hires/placements for which types of roles, as well as the time spent and drop off in each stage of the off and online candidate journey. Discover how much budget and time you should invest to reach your recruitment goals.

On the Move

Understand which qualified candidates in your ATS are most likely to be open for a new role/project based on their digital behavior and enrich candidate profiles in your ATS with this information.

We can automatically create tasks on candidates that you should reach out to or automatically shortlist them for relevant jobs.

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    Our services are exclusively available to customers who are using our CORE module.