Are you interested in recruitment marketing (automation) and would like to learn how to best get through and out of this crisis?

On Tuesday, May the 19th, our very own co-founder & CEO, Rene Bolier and founder of UP in Business, Caroline Pols will host a webinar in conjunction with the Academie voor Arbeidsmarktcommunicatie about this topic.

Together, they will give advice on how you can get through this crisis as well as possible, and above all, as a recruitment marketer. Some examples of the questions that will be answered are:

  • How do you use your data in the smartest way possible?
  • What data and trends do we see in the market?
  • Which tone of voice and types of messages work well and don’t work well at all for candidates at the moment?
  • What are the particular stages of the candidate journey that you should invest in now?
  • How can you use the current situation to stimulate the use of automation and technology?
  • How do you collaborate best with your internal and external stakeholders?

The webinar is free to attend with no strings attached and will be between 10:00 am – 11:00 am.

All of these current topics are in line with the Two-Day Recruitment Marketing Automation training which starts on Monday 16 June. For more information, visit this website or contact the Academie voor Arbeidsmarktcommunicatie directly.

For those who are interested in studying the above-mentioned course on recruitment marketing automation; Caroline and René are both teachers at this academy and will be part of their new recruitment marketing automation training moving forward.

If you want to join the webinar you can register below:


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