Talent pooling: how can you recruit from the candidate?

When it comes to talent pooling: how do you view candidates? How do you deal with candidates that you have to reject, but have potential?  Can you think strategically and convince a hiring manager that the candidate does not fit that one vacancy, but that the other is yet to come? Put yourself in that role: “You are responsible for talent pooling, now what?” This tells you about the practice and at the same time, you get a bit of theory.

OnRecruit’s CTO/COO Dirk Meeuws has worked with over 40 agencies and employers, giving him a lot of knowledge about talent pooling. With his expert status, he gives advice and training to find out how to use data with certain techniques to show what happens within a certain talent pool.

After this webinar, you will know how to look at candidates in a different way than you did before. You will also learn how to build a good relationship with candidates who are already in your database so that you can reap the benefits in the future.




DATE: July 16th

TIME: 12:00 pm – 12:30pm (CEST)

This webinar is free for members of Recruiters United. If you are a member of Recruiters United, you will receive the link by email on the morning of the lunch talk. Non-members pay 25 euros via a payment request (with invoice).

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