Data analytics can help optimize an organization’s talent acquisition process by sourcing top talent, optimizing the time to hire, and helping visualize your data and put it into perspective.

In this webinar, experts from Oakwell HamptonOnRecruit, and Recruitee will discuss the critical elements of using data to make better hires and how these insights can help you acquire the best talent for your organization.

Some key information you will learn in this virtual panel:

  • How to leverage recruitment data in a remote world
  • Finding the right channels to source and attract candidates
  • Using data analytics to overcome hiring biases

Meet the speakers:

Dirk Meeuws (COO & CTO @ OnRecruit)

At OnRecruit, Dirk Meeuws is responsible for Product-development and Customer Success. His passion lies in combining the world of business, data, and people: how to drive strategic decisions backed by data to reach your recruitment goals. In his role as COO & CTO, he is responsible for Product, Solutions, Customer Success, and our internal processes.

Dirk has a background in Aerospace Engineering, and he uses his technical and analytical insights for the deployment of innovative products and services that characterize OnRecruit.

Dominik Gregorzewski (Talent Acquisition Specialist @ Recruitee)

Dominik works as a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Recruitee, a talent acquisition software provider. His main job is handling the recruitment process for the Product Team roles and evolving the company’s culture to ensure the best possible team experience. Dominik is an enthusiast of storytelling and employee advocacy behind bringing new talent onboard. He’s really into using modern HR tech, which serves in making better hiring decisions.

Lois Gooding (Head of Data & Development (Python) Recruitment @ Oakwell Hampton)

Lois specializes in International Recruitment for mid to senior-level Data Engineers and Machine Learning Engineers, NLP Engineers, and client-facing data positions. She is an experienced internal and external recruiter working globally across Europe and the US.

Lois and the Oakwell Hampton team are advocates of data-driven hires. They work closely with businesses, using multiple data sources to identify the ideal candidate profile while also looking at the previous source of hire data, industry surveys, etc., to strategize for a higher retention rate.

Technologies Lois’ customers generally use Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, HBase, Hive, Pig, Cassandra, Sqoop, Flume, Elasticsearch, ETL, Scala, Python, R, Machine Learning, Pandas, NumPy, SciKitLearn, Tensorflow, Keras, Theano, AI, NLP, and Deep Learning.


This session will be moderated by Sim Samra, the Content Marketer at Recruitee.

Join us on December 8th at 4 pm CET!


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