In our upcoming webinar on December 8th, we will share some essential building blocks for successfully using data in a recruitment environment.

During the webinar, we will interview three recruitment industry professionals to understand how they are actually succeeding by working on these building blocks. Here they introduce themselves personally:


Steven Vastenhoud, Data & Intelligence Manager, Building Heroes

“With a penchant for processes and data, I started working more and more as a project manager and change manager on digital transformation projects from a commercial role. Eventually, I traded Experis/Manpower for Building Heroes two years ago and started a great adventure together. My assignment is to align our application landscape with our vision and strategy and prepare it for the ambitious future.

I am responsible for all applications, processes and data needed to do what we passionately do every day which is connecting talent to our regular customer partners. I stick to my motto “automate everything you can to make a difference on what you can’t automate”.



Roy Treffers, Senior Marketeer, VNOM

“I am 28 years young and living in the most beautiful city of the Netherlands, Rotterdam. I joined VNOM 2,5 years ago as the intermediary in technology.

In my role as Senior Marketeer I am responsible for the technical and graphic domain of the organization. My passion lies within optimiziation and innovation of processes. On a more personal level, I am a sporty person and you can often find me in a restaurant or bar (when we were allowed to be out!)”.




Egon Schilders, Resource Manager, Velde

“I am 42 years old and living in Diessen in the south of the Netherlands. I have worked up to 14 years at Velde which is a consultancy agency in Sales & Executive roles.

My role is Resource Manager and I am responsible for recruitment and technology within Velde. I love data and tech so we can improve ourselves and innovate each time. Also, always in for a good cup of coffee or a sportive challenge.




The program:

10:30 Welcome and introduction by our host Maurice Coulier

10:35 Presentation | Dirk Meeuws, COO & CTO, OnRecruit

10:50 Interview #1| Steven Vastenhoud, Data & Intelligence Manager, Building Heroes

11:00 Interview #2| Roy Treffers, Senior Marketeer, VNOM

11:10 Interview #3| Egon Schilders, Resource Manager, Velde

11:20 Q&A

11:30 End


Please note that this webinar will be in the Dutch language. For questions, please contact our event organiser, Alicia Jarred (

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