DiRect 2019 Presentation Decks

Together, we build and measure successful candidate journeys

On December 12th 2019, we held our annual DiRect conference at DeFabrique in Utrecht. 

We had a full house of industry leaders, marketeers and recruiters all ready to learn about how we can build and measure more successful candidate journeys.

If you missed out on attending the conference, we have the presentation decks and videos below.


Anna Ott

Advisor to HR Tech Startups

CX is a journey and although candidates don’t travel linear from “A to B“ (from discovering a job to be hired into one), we, as recruiters, need to focus on the moments where we might lose talents – and how we can ensure that they continue their journey with us.

This is not only about giving them low-threshold tech or surveying every touchpoint obsessively with NPS – it is about acknowledging their human needs along the way.

Colin Lansbergen

Head of Technology at Direct Impact

Why you should start experimenting yesterday… During his session, Colin will give some tips & tricks on:

  • How to apply Conversion Optimization (CRO) in a Multi-Touchpoint Candidate Journey to achieve more hires.
  • Why you should start experimenting to take data-driven decisions to continuously improve your platform.
  • How to offer a relevant experience to the specific phase your candidate is in the job-search.

Dirk Meeuws

CTO and Chief Success Officer of OnRecruit

How does data & technology drive successful manufacturers and supply chains?

In this talk I will explain how Lego can produce 1140 units per second, Volkswagen can build more then 90 cars per hour in their plant in Wolfsburg and Airbus can produce 13 A380’s per month.

Based on these best practices I’ll explain how a LEAN mean recruitment machine would look like in terms of people, process & technology.

Erik van den Hoff

Promise Manager at Techsharks

I find it interesting how organizations and people are constantly developing. It’s like a mechanic using his wrench to maintain a machine, I use scientific literature (psychology) to further develop organizations and people.

Techsharks is going through a transition from being a contractor to becoming an employer. In fact, we want to be the best employer in the process- and manufacturing industry. At the “Onrecruit DiRect Conference 2019” I will take you on this journey.

Eva Baluchova

Building teams for Start-ups and Scale-ups

How do you make the most of the candidate’s journey with your branded messaging? Do you influence candidates decisions to apply? From outbound to inbound?

Candidates don’t always take the direct path and apply for a job when they visit your site. It can be a multichannel decision cycle with a few touch-points. You have just seconds to influence, so let’s have a look on how you can build trust quickly as you go!

Han Mesters

Sector Banker at ABN AMRO Bank

Due to the global scarcity in talent, your company culture becomes a unique selling point in recruitment.

What does that mean? How do you need to change in order to be attractive for the Millennials?


Liselot Poppink

EMEA Director of Consulting at Elastic

We are growing very fast and since we became a public company last October 2018 we have doubled in size. Now, we have even more applicants than ever before and reject more than we hire.

For us it is very important to give all our applicants a great journey to ensure that they still want to work with us and/or people from their network.

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