You probably recognize a situation in which you were looking at a hotel room online, but didn’t immediately book that room for your chosen night. 

But then, you find all these display ads on different websites you go to. Also on all your devices, as if they were reminding you to finish your purchase for that room. Ultimately, you find yourself clicking on that Pay Now button. 

Guess what? You’ve been retargeted!  

This strategy in e-commerce is proven to be very successful: creating touch points with you, retargeting you with the same ad all the time, and not only that, they also show you what your life will look like if you buy this product. They are selling you the dream. So, creating positive associations and experiences leads to a lot of purchasing behavior in the long term. 

You probably wonder, what does this have to do with recruiting? 

Well, in recruitment, what we are doing all the time is that we are spreading our job ads all over the web.  

This results in attracting a lot of people to our website. They review us, look at us, and now they are in our audience: they know something about us. But there’s a catch: a lot of the people in that audience are not in the right stage of the candidate journey. They are in a stage where they are not yet ready to make that transaction with you, meaning to apply.

So what do you need to do?  

You need to learn from e-commerce companies and understand that you also need tobuild more of those positive associations with your brand, your job, your customer, your employer, or whatever it may be to stimulate the behavior you do want to see.

What are some behaviors you want to see in the future?  

You want them to react to your campaigns immediately.  

  1. This may be because of an ad strategy you have online, such as retargeting the right people with interesting content that create those positive associations. Once they engage with your campaigns, they are going to end up in your ATS.  

You want them to have your company to be top of mind. 

  1. At the point where they are “oh now I am in the mood to make a transaction”, you are the first they think of. That’s the power of building a big brand and a lot of positive associations with your audience. They are going to come to you, search for you on Google, and will choose to make the transaction with you over your competitors. 

Now what does that result in? 

It results in a lot more people coming from your audience into your ATS. In and of itself it may have little value. but what the value that you can derive from that is that you can now have one-on-one conversations with those interesting qualified people. Ultimately, they’re going to end up working alongside you, or for your customers, as successful, happy employees. 

So my question for you today… 

Where does your audience end up? Does it end up in this huge black hole that we have created as a recruitment industry, or do they end up as your colleagues or working for your customers?