In November 2018, VNOM, a recruitment agency specializing in connecting skilled workers in engineering and construction, won the Recruitment Tech Awards 2018 under the category ‘Best Case’. Their effectiveness of their marketing tooling and techniques won the juries’ votes. Using a data management platform allows them to build candidates’ profiles, answering important questions related to their KPIs. Based on the data, they can tell what each candidate is looking for. Using this information, they can create personalized content that provides candidates with a need as quickly as possible, topped off with triggerpoints that drive them to apply. To read more about their case, click here.


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Just the year before, OnRecruit also won the 2017 Recruitment Tech Awards under the category ‘Best Tooling’. OnRecruit’s platform allows clients to see the entire candidate journey end-to-end, from the first click to placement. What’s in it for them? It allows clients to understand from which online channels their candidates come from, hence more efficient budget allocation. Click here to learn more about OnRecruit’s winning case.

Recently, VNOM, 2018 winner, has agreed to collaborate with OnRecruit, 2017 winner, to get more value out of their data and is on track to becoming a more digitally mature, data-driven company.

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VNOM is a company which really innovates in the digital recruitment landscape. The DNA of both companies will result in even more powerful insights, tooling, and ultimately more and faster job placements. Besides this, the ‘down-to-earth’ way of working, and just-do-it mentality is a real fit between our two companies”. – Maurice Coulier, Sales Executive at OnRecruit.

VNOM has been continuously growing since 2009, even during crisis years. What’s the secret? Whether candidates go for a job in electrical engineering, installation engineering, construction, painters, or an office job, VNOM’s always takes a candidate-centered approach.

OnRecruit’s ability to unify their data for them will allow VNOM to have their data in one place. This will provide them with more insights on the candidates, which channels quality candidates come from, which candidates in their database are looking for jobs, as well as automating their email marketing, thus driving positive business impact.


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