The second edition of TA Live 2019, organized by Bas van de Haterd and Martijn Hemminga, held in Amsterdam last Thursday was a hit. Filled with inspiring keynotes and 16 breakout sessions, the event held space for TA professionals to network and expand their knowledge on the hottest topics in talent acquisition tech today.

Anna Ott opened the stage with a warm welcome to all the attendees and speakers. Shortly, the stage was given to Christoph Fellinger, who shed some light on the extent to what tech can and cannot do for us in times of VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous). And though robots excel in automation and the discovery of patterns, humans will still outshine robots in terms of seeing context and interpretation.

What followed was a keynote from Sophie Theen, Head of HR & Talent of FS11. Taking the stage, she gripped her audience with her enthusiastic talk, debunking the buzzword of hypergrowth. “Hypergrowth only happens when you scale with the right foundation, which is your people”, she claimed. The key is to bring the right people in from day one. She also highlighted the importance of involving the hiring managers throughout the process to preserve the company culture.


Aside from the keynotes, the breakout session was filled with informative speakers about the most relevant topics of in talent acquisition today.

Would it truly be a talk from Dirk Meeuws, CTO & COO of OnRecruit, if it doesn’t start with an example of space satellites in outer space? By starting his talk with an example of NASA’s voyager program, Dirk emphasized the role of data in innovation. If there was one key takeaway from Dirk’s talk, is to know that “Data is the means of innovation”. In recruitment, there are a lot of sources in which data is gathered, and building the right dataset is important to bring businesses forward. However, it doesn’t stop there: unifying data sources remains to be the main challenge many companies face today to make sense of what ignites innovation. He then concluded his talk with a breakdown of the 10 steps needed to be taken in order to drive innovation in recruitment. If you’re keen on watching the full talk by Dirk, click here.

Arguably the most humorous session, Eva Baluchova from LevelUp Ventures captivated the audience with her humor and examples of her successful recruiting emails. In her informative yet fun talk, she showed many examples of the email marketing successes she’s achieved. Through various personalized email templates, topped off with memes and scientifically backed tricks, she successfully triggered her candidates to click on that reply button. By identifying the emotions that she wants to trigger in candidates who want to apply for certain roles, the likelihood of getting a positive response is much higher.



With a closing keynote by Karen Azulai and Teddy Dimitrova, TA Live was concluded. These days, there are countless tools and technology available to power up and optimize any recruitment processes. A mindset shift, the right dataset and the ability to make sense of it to drive the right action is vital in attracting the right talent and bring businesses forward. By making use of the number of technologies available in the market, leveraging your data and becoming more digital savvy to optimize recruitment processes becomes a must-have for business to thrive today.

Looking to unify your recruitment data?

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