For our next question, we reached out to Bullhorn to understand the reason behind them acquiring Herefish…

The response was written by President and CTO of Bullhorn, Matt Fischer.

“At Bullhorn, we strive to be more than a technology vendor. Our goal is to help you successfully navigate through technological and economic changes and ultimately future-proof your business.

A huge step in accomplishing this vision was made possible when we acquired Herefish, an automation platform technology integrated with the Bullhorn ATS and CRM that helps automate workflows, processes, and communication throughout the recruiting lifecycle. The promise of Herefish that so many of our customers have already realized is that by automating the manual and time-consuming activities throughout the entire recruiting process, your sales, recruiting, and operations teams are more productive, work with better data, and can communicate more efficiently.

Herefish’s automation platform technology enables our customers to replace manual tasks with automations that unlock new levels of productivity, improve the quality and richness of their data, and ensure a consistent experience throughout the recruiting lifecycle. Having accurate and complete data is the foundation for all staffing and recruiting activities, including candidate and client communication and reporting.

But, as we know all too well, manual processes often result in incomplete and stale data. By eliminating manual tasks and keeping the database accurate, employees not only have more time in their day to focus on revenue-generating activities but also find more success in their efforts because they’re working with higher quality data. This means better ROI from your people investment, your technology investment, and ultimately – better topline and bottom-line growth.”


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