If you haven’t already heard the news recently, VONQ acquired IGB so we thought this to be the perfect question for our next installment…

We reached out and asked the question; Why did VONQ acquire IGB and what does that mean for the future of recruitment technology? 

Tycho van Paassen co-founder of  VONQ has given his answer to this below:

“In 2006 we started VONQ to make companies successful with recruitment marketing. Recruiters are not Marketers, but recruitment marketing is an important key to their success. Our technology enables recruiters to post their job on the right channels at the right time.

Companies are using different platforms, all with the same goal: hiring candidates and improve ROI’s. Currently, there is no point solution where everything comes together. A platform which allows a user to:

  1. Multi-post jobs
  2. Run programmatic campaigns
  3. Buy job postings as you go OR upload your own job board contract
  4. Collect all data in one place; have a single source of truth

This is why the acquisition of IGB by VONQ makes so much sense. All of the mentioned features are coming together on one platform!

In the next months/years, I expect further consolidation of the recruitment advertising industry. Technologies will integrate to offer one platform to its customers. Customers also demand this from their technology vendors! It’s the only way to get a 360 view of your data and achieve the best return on recruitment marketing investments”

To watch an informative interview hosted by UNLEASH with Tycho and VONQ’s Strategic Advisor, Bill Borman, CLICK HERE


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