Over the past eight weeks, many of the metrics we report on have now stabilised. This is very positive to see and we hope that it gives businesses some more confidence in the market.


Below we share the latest numbers for you with the graphs to visualise each key metric:


We see this metric increase by 10% since week 26 after a 12% spike in week 27. This is now 22% lower than pre-crisis but has stayed reasonably steady for the past 8 weeks.


sessions vs conversion rate


Conversion Rate:

In week 28 the conversion rate had a slight decline and is now 9% there was a 4% spike in week 27 and this metric is now 56.97% higher than pre-crisis. When you look at the below graph it’s good to see the conversion rate fairly stable over the past 8 weeks as with sessions.

Conversion rate


Time Spent on site:

Although this metric declined by 3% it is still 6% higher than pre-crisis in week 10 and 24% higher than the lowest point (week 4). This shows that people are still taking time to browse on your career site meaning you should continue to think of ways to capture their attention and convert on your career site.

As we have mentioned previously, you could entice the visitors to sign up for your e-newsletters or job alerts for example so that you can nurture these people moving forward. It could be a simple checkbox when they register their CV to opt into your mailing list or could be a subtle ‘’pop up tool’’ that shows on your site giving them the option to sign up for your newsletter, blogs or the like. You could offer an educational piece to download if they register for your mailing list so they are receiving something in return that is useful for them straight away or there are many ways to retarget these people with Display advertising and we can help you with this if it’s something you want to learn more about.

Time spent on site

Returning visitor: 

This metric is currently sitting at 31.9% which is a 5% increase on Week 26.  Again it usually spikes and then we see it decline around 1% each week for 2 weeks before spiking again

Returning visitor

Bounce rate:

This metric had a 2% decline (now sitting at 36.8%) but is still 50% lower than pre-crisis which is great. You can see it has been sitting between 36-40% for the past 8 weeks. We have seen other metrics also show the same trend over the 8 weeks which is positive to see.

Bounce Rate



  • Conversion rate stable; the current rate is 9.0%
  • Sessions increasing again; increased by 10%
  • Time spent on site still high; 102.4 seconds
  • Returning visitors increased; currently at 31.9%
  • Bounce rate increased; currently at 37%


With Summer holidays upon us, we are curious to see how the market will act around mid-August once people start returning to work again after the break. The way things have been going with the stable results, we can only hope that this is a positive sign of things to come!

If you have any questions about these insights or would like further information, please feel free to reach out to us here: marketing@onrecruit.net


Written by Alicia Jarred, 13th July 2020



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