The past week, we have seen some interesting changes within our data, specifically with the conversion rate and sessions. It looks like there is a new wave of job seekers coming through now that the restrictions are being eased in the Netherlands.

It’s been a tough few months but we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel here in the Netherlands. In this blog, we take you through some of the key metrics we have been following since week 11 of 2020 when the ‘intelligent lockdown’ in the Netherlands first began…

Conversion Rate:

In Week 19 we saw the conversion rate decline for the first time since pre-corona by 2.5% and week 20 has shown a larger decrease of 11.5%.

The conversion rate is now sitting at 9.8% which is the first time it has been under 10% since week 15. This metric will be interesting to watch now that restrictions are easing in the Netherlands…


COVID-19 insights Week 20 sessions vs conversions




After five weeks of stabilising, we are finally seeing sessions increase again with a 23% spike last week.

This could mean that there is a new wave of job seekers coming through now that school holidays are finished, the country is slowly reopening and people are a bit more at ease. Another interesting metric to watch over the upcoming weeks for those that have put their marketing campaigns on hold.


Time Spent on site:

Much the same as with the conversion rate, the past two weeks have seen this metric decrease and it is now sitting at 109.83 seconds after hitting an all-time high of 116.65 seconds in week 18.

This metric is still 13% higher than it was back in week 10 (pre-corona) so people are still taking time to browse on your career site meaning you should be thinking of ways to capture their attention and convert. It’s important to make sure the user journey on your website is enjoyable for the candidates and is easy for them to apply for vacancies or you will lose them.

While people are still spending more time on your career site, it could be an idea to try and have them sign up for your e-newsletters or job alerts for example so that you can nurture these people moving forward. It could be a simple checkbox when they register their CV to opt into your mailing list or could be a subtle ‘’pop up tool’’ that shows on your site giving them the option to sign up for your newsletter, blogs or the like.



Returning visitor:

Since week 11 there seemed to be a trend where the returning visitors would spike after a government (COVID-19) announcement in the Netherlands which was an unusual three-week cycle. After week 20 we can see the returning visitors continue to decrease in the 4th week of the ‘cycle’.

We have another announcement this evening in the Netherlands regarding the easing of restrictions for June, so this will be an interesting metric to watch to see if there is again a spike after the announcement.


Returning visitors insights

Bounce rate:

Again, we see this metric decline which coincides with the time spent on site metric for last week. This is positive to see as it means that the candidates who are visiting your site are still not only browsing but they are there to seriously find the right job for them.

Since January we have seen the bounce rate drop a massive 62% to and 38.4% since Week 10 (pre-corona).



  • Conversion rate declined; 9.83%
  • Sessions increasing again; 120,210 sessions
  • Time spent on site still high although slightly decreased on the prior week; 109.83 seconds
  • Returning visitors decline; 29.65%
  • Bounce rate declined again; 44.96%

Last week we mentioned that if the conversion rate continues to decline and sessions increase then this is where it is important that you get serious about your future marketing (bounce-back) strategy. Competition with regards to advertising with aggregators, social and display will start to increase again in the upcoming month so, if you can, be sure to start your campaigns up again.

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We would love to hear your feedback or views on the insights we share or perhaps you have a different point of view as to why we are seeing certain trends? Let us know!


Written by Alicia Jarred, 19th May 2020



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