We noticed something a bit unusual in our data this Summer. Traditionally, sessions heavily decline during this time of year, however, this summer they stayed fairly stable.


Below we share the latest numbers for you with the graphs to visualise each key metric.

Sessions vs Conversion rate:

As mentioned, you can see that sessions stayed quite stable during the Summer months which is unusual compared to previous years, whereas the conversion rate declined as we would have expected. So, although there was more traffic than usual at this time of year, the candidates were mainly looking rather than taking the next step to apply. Now that people are back from holidays, you can already see the conversion rate increase slightly again…

Time Spent on site:

Although this metric had a slight dip in August, it is now 2% higher than pre-crisis and has stayed reasonably high throughout summer. This shows that people are still taking time to browse on your career site meaning you should keep thinking of ways to capture their attention and convert. Display advertising is something you could think about to help with this. Reach out to us if you want to learn more.

Bounce rate:

Following from the Time spent on-site figures,  it makes sense to see that the bounce rate has been quite stable since week 20 and is still sitting 42.1% lower than it was pre-crisis (week 10).

Returning visitor: 

For the past three weeks, this metric has been sitting under 30% and is currently sitting at 28.9% which is the lowest it has been all year.


  • Conversion rate stable; the current rate is 7.82%
  • Sessions unusually higher than they have been during previous summers; week 35 = only a small decrease of 3% compared to pre-Summer (week 23)
  • Time spent on site still high; 91.28 seconds
  • Returning visitors lowest it has been all year; currently 28.9%
  • Bounce rate fairly stable for the last 16 weeks; currently at 42.2%


Now that people are heading back to work and business is ramping up again, we hope to see more positive activity in the upcoming months

If you have any questions about these insights or would like further information, please feel free to reach out to us here: marketing@onrecruit.net

Written by Alicia Jarred, 1st September 2020



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