Below we share the latest metrics with regards to online candidate behaviour within the Dutch labour market…

This will be our last update on these metrics for the year and we will be sharing more insights again (potentially with some new additions) from mid-January.

At the end of week 49, we didn’t see much change yet again in the metrics and now with the holiday season near, we expect things to slow down for the remaining weeks of the month.

If we take a look at the start of the year versus week 10, before the crisis hit us, we see that sessions are now just 12% lower than in week 2 of 2020 and only 2% lower than week 10.

The conversion rate is 6.6% lower than in week 2 of 2020 and 11.8% lower than week 10 of this year. So, in actual fact, we are almost back to where we started this year.

Here we have the metrics as they were at end of week 49:

Conversion rate: 5.06% (declined 6%)
​​Bounce rate: 46.6% (increased by 5.5%)
Time on site: 87.8 seconds (10-second decline)
Returning visitors: 28.3% (1% decline)
Sessions: 1% decrease on the previous fortnight

For a full overview of the sessions vs conversion rate for this year, see the below chart:


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