Below we have the latest metrics with regards to candidate behaviour within the Dutch labour market…

At the end of week 47, we didn’t see much change in the metrics. It seems things are really settling down again and dare we say it, getting back to ‘normal’.

The conversion rate has been pretty stable now for five weeks after the last big decline in week 42 and after a few weeks of declining, the sessions are working their way back up.

The bounce rate is continuing to stay low and is currently 40% lower than it was before the crisis so the people that are on your career sites are more serious about their search for a new job.

Here we have the metrics as they were at end of week 47:

Conversion rate: 5.37%
​​Bounce rate: 44.2% (staying stable)
Time on site: 96.6 seconds (10-second increase)
Returning visitors: 29.3% (staying stable)
Unique visitors: 5% increase on the previous fortnight
Sessions: 5% increase on the previous fortnight

For a full overview of the sessions vs conversion rate so far this year, see the below chart:

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