Junior Customer Success Manager

Job description

We help staffing agencies and large employers get insights in the performance of their online recruitment and fill more jobs faster by doing (job) marketing automation.

To do this better we’re looking for someone who can manage Customer Success and can grow to become our Customer Success Leader. What we mean with Customer Success is the pro-active process of:

  1. Setting KPI goals with customers
  2. Setting up automated campaigns to achieve those KPI goals
  3. Showing the effects of those campaigns on the set KPI goals
  4. Show the customer how we attributed to their success and set even more ambitious goals
  5. Rinse & Repeat

By doing this, you will become the best at:

  • Contributing to customer success
  • Asking the right questions
  • Interpreting data
  • Translating insights in to conclusions and recommendations that make sense
  • Building a best-in-class product
  • Optimising digital campaigns
  • Table footbal and/or table tennis

“Where can I do this?” you may ask: at OnRecruit. OnRecruit is a fast growing company in the recruitment analytics and digital job advertising space. OnRecruit offers it’s customers an unique solution to determine the effectiveness of their online job marketing efforts. Based on these insights OnRecruit is able to attract candidates to the right jobs and target new candidates that may be suitable for the position. And the best of all: This is all done automagically!

We are a team of people from different backgrounds such as engineering, coding, e-commerce, marketing, recruitment and sales. We take our work very seriously but ourselves not too much. Words that would describe our culture and team best are: free, responsible, smart, creative, focused and motivated by results.



  • you are tech-savvy.
  • you are interested in (cross channel) digital marketing.
  • you love to achieve customer success.
  • you regularly wow the team and clients with your insights and output.
  • you know how to get the message across.
  • you know to ask the right questions.
  • you work hypothesis-driven.
  • you know when to stop digging for information and start communicating your findings.

If you are, we would love to get in touch with you!

What does not matter is how many years of experience you have and/or in what. As long as you’re willing to learn and fit within our team, we will be happy to help you learn and grow. For this role it is important that your English is good, as we serve some major non-Dutch customers.

What we have to offer is this:

  • The opportunity to learn from smart and experienced people.
  • Responsiblity: you will find your own path to success with help of our team.
  • Fun: How great is your Dunlgish and can you play table tennis or foosball?
  • Free lunch (for real).
  • A chance to work with, learn from and drive success of an intersting array of customers and partners

We’re looking forward to your application! If you have any questions feel free to contact Dirk Meeuws at +31 (0)6 1893 6137.