International Sales Executive

Job description

Are you our next International Sales Executive?

About you:
You are a decent human being.
You are awesome online.
You are awesome offline.
You are intelligent.
You are determined.
You are optimistic.
You are persistent.
You are intuitive.
You are persuasive.
You are proactive.
You are a team player.
You are able to focus.
You are hungry.
You are no asshole.
You are helpful.
You are patient.
You are a (fe)male.
You are precise.
You are kind.
You are responsible.
You are fast.
You are direct.
You are result driven.
You are data driven and sensitive.
You are able to motivate yourself.
You are great at speaking and writing in Dutch AND English.
You are a great time manager.
You are humble.
You are not necessarily experienced.
You are comfortable in a fast paced environment.
You have an eye for detail.
You want to learn how to sell good solutions to the right people.
You love to learn fast.
You shine.
You transmit confidence.
You love the web.
You look at the big picture.

About what you are going to do:
You are going to understand who our ideal customers are and how our products can help them become way more successful at filling more jobs faster.
You are going to find, connect with, talk with and close these next customers.
You will coordinate your sales efforts with marketing and business development efforts and teams.
You will work with customer success managers to make sure your clients become happy and successful.


About us: 

We are OnRecruit.

We are a true team.

We are based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

We are smart.

We are growing.

We are making recruitment marketing accountable and automated.

We are working with customers all over the world who literally love us.

We are ready to attract more of them and make them successful too.

We are fun.

We are enjoyers of life.

We are respectful.

We are knowledgeable.

We are collaborators.

We are a team in which every single person makes a significant difference.

We are a place where responsibility goes hand in hand with autonomy.

We are always moving forward.

We are a place where you grow with the company.

We are a supporting, reliable team.

We are really helping our customers.

We are ready to educate and help you.

We are waiting for you to call René at +31611604603 if you have any questions.

We are waiting for you to hit the apply button if you are excited and would like to show your interest.

Learn how Mafalda, our latest International Sales Executive hire experiences working at OnRecruit:
“Working at OnRecruit is like experiencing the 1st day in a new job every day. A challenging yet friendly environment, where in fact everything I do has a real impact in the company, makes me want to work harder, go further, knowing I can rely on my colleagues to do so.
The feeling of growing with a company and with a team that cherishes my work, recognizes my effort, listens to my suggestions, gives me feedback in order to improve what is lacking and congratulates me on my achievements, makes it the best place for me to work.”

OnRecruit is an equal opportunity employer.