Digital Solutions Consultant

Job description

Are you curious by nature, act like a sponge with respect to data and are you able to sell your findings?

Great, then you’re looking at the right job for you! 

You’ll be advising top stakeholders of leading recruitment agencies and direct employers internationally on strategic and operational HR and recruitment related topics, ranging from digitizing their business models and overseeing their digital transformation to leveraging data and analytics to drive online recruitment success (i.e. filling more jobs).

OnRecruit collects and analyses enormous amounts of data and you will use your curiosity, wit and this data to really make our customers successful and win at online recruitment.

At OnRecruit we help recruitment agencies and employers fill more jobs. That is why we have built a platform that enables recruitment agencies and employers to truly understand their (online) recruitment by combining all data sources they have and being able to act upon it. The OnRecruit platform has 5 layers:

  1. Collecting and analysing all touch points candidates have with the OnRecruit customer
  2. Enriching this information to understand the context of the touch point, the intent of the candidate and combining the data with the offline data
  3. Enriching the current tool set of the OnRecruit customers
  4. Setting up dashboards to be able to report the performance of their online recruitment efforts by conversion, interview and hire
  5. Acting on this information by being able to execute marketing automation (such as automated media buying, automated work flows and automated messaging)

OnRecruit consists of a team of 15 and has doubled in size, compared to last year, and is looking for more bright young minds to join the team. We serve a wide-variety of customers, ranging from the biggest recruitment agencies to well known employers in for example The Netherlands, the UK, France, Germany and the US.


You are …

  • … intelligent
  • … curious
  • … tech-savvy
  • … energetic
  • … analytic
  • … open
  • … loving the digital age and its possibilities
  • … a sponge when it comes to data and information
  • … capable of making the complex simple
  • … asking the right questions
  • … able to help others understand the complex and digest it for them
  • … a clear communicator
  • … able to sell your ideas and findings
  • … a team player
  • … pragmatic
  • … ambitious
  • … driven
  • … down to earth
  • … a strong believer in under-promise over-deliver
  • … able to ask for help
  • … following the 80/20 rule
  • … proficient in BOTH Dutch and English
  • … able to work hypothesis driven
  • … able to take decisions independently

We are…

  • … OnRecruit
  • … based in Utrecht, The Netherlands and have a team of developers in Poland
  • … capable of helping staffing agencies and employers fill more jobs via online
  • … delivering this through a set of (SAAS) products and a customer success program
  • … a true team, like a good sports team
  • … nice people, not assholes
  • … big fans of honesty, improvement and performance, not of bullshit

We want…

  • … to get to know you
  • … to hire you
  • … to help you succeed
  • … to celebrate success together with you

We offer you…

  • … training from the best
  • … the opportunity to work with and learn from great people
  • … a lot of fun
  • … a fast track to driving real digital impact on the biggest HR and recruitment organisations

Our recruitment process

  • Get in touch by applying via the button on this page.
  • Application screening (you will hear from us within a very reasonable time frame).
  • Phone screening (15 minutes).
  • Personal/group interview (1-3 hours).
  • Assessment (1 day).
  • If there are any doubts/other things to talk about; another personal conversation (1-2 hours).
  • Offer.
  • Onboarding in February/March 2018: ROCK AND ROLL!


Get in touch by applying via the button on this page. Especially if you are applying without any business/digital/consulting background, make sure to include a great motivation. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Dirk, our Product Manager via +31618936137 or

We are an equal opportunity employer.